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  • Awesome SMSF Loans

  • Awesome SMSF Loans

    To understand why people get involved with Self Managed Super Fund Lending it is important to understand the reasons why people chose to set up a SMSF.
    Here are the Top Reasons why people Start a Self Managed Super Fund
    Control – many people feel that by setting up a SMSF and becoming the trustee they will have complete control of their super.
    Direct Investments – a Self Managed Super fund can allow you to Invest in direct assets, such a commercial property, residential property, direct individual shares, and other assets.
    Borrowing – SMSF’s can now borrow to invest in approved assets. like to know more about borrowing in your Super request our free E-Book

    Reduced Fees – depending on you Superannuation balance it may not be expensive as many of the costs such as accounting and compliance are fixed rather than a percentage of the balance.

    Tax Efficiency- there may be the options to use negative gearing and franking credits to reduce your contribution tax.

    For these reasons the number of people choosing a SMSF continues to be on the rise, and for those Australians taking an active interest in their Superannuation. They are discovering the amazing financial benefits offered by establishing their own Self Managed Super Fund.

    In concert with your accountant and financial planner you to will be amazed at the difference these proactive steps can have on your final retirement benefit. Things like consolidating super funds to reduced fees, additional contributions to the fund via salary sacrifice and save tax, opportunities to invest and maximize returns and finally retire and pay no tax.

    Of course it is with opportunities to invest in residential or commercial property and the specialist lending, called Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements or LRBA’s for short where Awesome Lending can help.

    There are three basic types of lending each with advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to know more why not contact us today

    IMPORTANT : The Advice provided on this website is General Advice Only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this advice you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, and discuss with your accountant and financial planner your own objectives, financial situation and needs.

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