People keep telling me I need to declutter to revamp my home!

People keep telling me I need to declutter to revamp my home!

Change can be exciting and enjoyable, sticky and tight, fast and furious or gentle and subtle. But one thing’s inevitable: change happens. So how can you navigate all the changes in your life with a little less resistance and a lot more ease? With one powerful question:

Has your area modified to fit your new life?

Your area is like a mirror, reflecting who you are back to you.
If you want to live your life, your area needs to reflect and support where you are right now, and where you’re headed. An old home can keep you stuck in the past. For example:

  • Your sweetie moved in — but is he cramming all of his stuff into one corner of your home?
  • Still have sharp edges and expensive breakables on low bookshelves, even though you have a toddler?
  • Is your closet still filled with power suits, even though you ditched the corporate track for a self-employed, working-from-home gig years ago?

You and your life are constantly changing, and that’s why regularly updating your location is so important. You don’t have to wait to move or do a big spring cleaning to sift through your belongings. Take time regularly to update your home so that it reflects who you are and who you’re growing into.

Stop decluttering and Start Editing

Decluttering sounds like a chore, right? That’s why I prefer “editing” to describe the complicated process of aligning you and your area.
Whatever you call it, the heart of this practice is to go what no longer serves you. Add in things that do, and update your area, so it helps you get to where you want to go.
Here’s a mere practice to get started: hold one of your possessions. Notice how you feel when you interact with it. Does it feel alive or dead? Current or outdated? Is it serving you or holding you back? You can do this with clothes, knickknacks, kitchen gadgets, or entire rooms.
The next time you’re feeling drained or stuck, look at the location you’re in. Are you swimming in a sea of objects you don’t love? Constant reminders of a person, you simply aren’t anymore? This can leave you feeling depleted, resistant, and murky.
Editing your area creates flow. It keeps your area (and you!) alive. It dissolves stagnation. It eases us from one chapter to the next. It makes those inevitable changes easier and supports us on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

How to Know It’s Time To Edit Your Space

People modify and update their areas in different ways and at different times — some edit all the time, others do it in spring or fall. There’s no right answer or magic formula, here, as long as you’re paying attention to what your space (and your life) are asking you for.
Moments that almost always call for a significant edit include times when:

  • You feel stuck. You want a shift or change — internal or external
  • You’re navigating an important life transition or milestone: marriage, new baby, divorce, new job, new relationship, breakup, or move
  • You feel dull, bored, or overwhelmed
  • You’re struggling with a question and need a booster shot of clarity
  • Before, during, or after major life decisions.


No matter what change you’re facing, editing your location can make it a little easier — and even fun!

Remember: this process can uncover intense emotions. Go at your pace. Be gentle with yourself. Journal or talk to a friend about any thoughts and feelings that arise.

Whether you’re editing is spontaneous or scheduled, set the intention for it to be an act of self-love. Allow this physical, apparent change to support the internal shifts you seek.



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