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Vision – Support – Results

When people ask what we do at Awesome, it would be easy to say we help people get loans to buy investment properties, but we do so much more….

We believe the first step is to help you decide to create a vision for ‘a life of abundance’ through property investment.

We believe our second goal is to support you with a clear plan for your journey to independent wealth, and ultimately, financial freedom and ‘a life of abundance’.

We believe that, implemented properly, leveraging our knowledge and experience, it can be possible to grow your property portfolio safer and faster than you may have thought possible.

During your initial consultation, our focus will be on determining what you need and how we can help you achieve it. For some people, this can be as simple as a budget and savings plan to purchase their first property, for others, it can be a plan to become a property developer.

Whatever your level, the first thing we will prepare for you is a road map to success, to provide you with clear directions on how to get where you want to go. We know from real life experiences that the wrong loan structure can slow your investing down and cost you more in both time and money. The road map ‘Lending Strategy’ takes into consideration the lending policy of each lender before making a recommendation, and is designed to make sure you have maximum flexibility.

We will then partner with you on your journey every step of the way, using our experience, knowledge and perspective to ensure your success.

The sorts of things we help with;

Finding new lending avenues;

Talk to one of our finance strategists and we’ll be able to introduce you to many loan products you may not even be aware of. From 95% LVR loans,  Family Pledge loans, where you may not even need a deposit, and mezzanine development lending. We will explore and compare all the available products and strategies to find the one that best helps you.

Releasing Equity

Every lender has their own credit policy slant based on the ‘Four C’s of Credit’, and the result can be a very different approach to the same person asking to release equity.
We are able to suggest and implement a range of options to help you get back what’s yours: your equity

Un-Crossing loans

One of the fastest ways of creating hassles within a property portfolios is cross collateralisation. It’s great for the Bank, giving them all the control over your properties, including when and how much you can sell them for. Untangling the mess of cross collateralisation and ensuring your lending is done so you remain in control, is a specialty of ours. If you would like to find out why you should always avoid crossing your loans, ask us for a copy of our e-book ‘How to structure your investment loans for maximum flexibility and portfolio growth’.

Ensuring you have the most competitive loan rates

Interest rates, features, fees and conditions can make a huge difference to your success and you shouldn’t have to settle for uncompetitive rates. Being on the phone daily to the Banks & Lenders negotiating for our clients, we are very aware of who is willing to reduce rates even further than the advertised rate. That means even more savings for you. And because we are more interested in helping you build a long term property portfolio, we will often negotiate with your existing lender on your behalf
If you have a larger portfolio, we’re able to source even more competitive rates.

Agendaless lending advice

We often meet clients who for whatever reason have received conflicting loan advice from people with a particular agenda. In the end, finding themselves with loans or legal structures which overly complicate things, and sometimes can prevent them from moving forward. With no alliances with or ownership by any Banks or Lenders, we are so confident in our advice, that we put it in writing for you and the other professionals you deal with, like accountants and financial planners, to crosscheck.We are that confident.

Working with Trust structures

When you do need something a little more complicated like a trust structure to help protect your assets,  with over 10 years experience working with lending to Hybrid, Family and Property Investment Trusts, your can be sure we will give you the right advice.
If fact we are confident we know, we understand, and know the difference between an Appointer and a Beneficiary, better than many lending staff in institutions.

Working with Self Managed Super Fund & Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements

Having worked with loans to or for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s) since 2010 when we started doing unit trust loans and warrant structures, and more recently Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements.  We have extensive experience within the team of operating with Self-managed Super Fund lenders and their special requirements.

We review and accept business requests on a 24/7 basis.

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