My 5 apps that will help you invest in property like a pro

My 5 apps that will help you invest in property like a pro

I had some friends over for dinner last weekend, and we got to talking about the property market and how can you stay on top of what’s happening.Especially in this fast paced property movement that is happening right now.
A couple of us turned around and said “apps my friend, apps.”

So it got me to thinking about all the technology that is out there and so after a lot of researching (sitting on the couch scrolling through the app store, sorry Android fans)
I have compiled a list of my top 5 apps that I think will keep you one step ahead of the game:

1) Tap Mortgage App

I’ve been using their app for years, both personally and professionally. It’s a great little stamp duty calculator and loan calculator that serves two primary functions while I’m on the run – working out repayments on loans and calculating stamp duty on a purchase. This can be invaluable when you’re not sure whether you can afford repayments or what you might be up for on top of your deposit.

2) Agent Calc App


While this seems to have been designed with real estate agents in mind, complete with commission calculators and measurements converters, I particularly like the Rental Yield calculator option. Plug in the property price and the rental amount in dollars and it gives you a rental yield straight away. I find this is treasured when looking to negotiate on a property. You can quickly change the purchase price to calculate the yield to work out if it will be a positively geared property, or you will need to tap into some negative gearing.

3) Evernote


This is more of a general note-taking app that is not just great for property investment but for everything you write down. Whether it’s a shopping list or a property report, this app has changed my life.
I’m a big note-taker, and this app allows me to record everything and file it in a way that’s easy to reach and refer to. When I’m traipsing through hundreds of properties completing my building inspections, it can be easy to forget what I’ve seen and how I felt about the place. Evernote lets me record all my notes (via my iPad) on the property and even attach images and hyperlinks to things like a contract of sale or pest inspection notes for later reference.

4) Flipboard


This is an app that I’m slowly becoming addicted to and has become an essential part of my Sunday morning read. Essentially it’s an online magazine that draws from a vast number of online publications and blogs and compiles them all into one resource depending on your preferences.
You can drag in whatever topics you like such as the world or economic news or even your favorite magazine.
It helps me stay on top of the property news and market compiling several publications into one easy to read location.



A list of apps wouldn’t be complete without throwing in a property search tool as well. is a company that has invested a mountain of dollars into their online presence. The effort they have put in shines through when it comes to the ease of use that many of their tools have.
I use the Domain App to search for properties for sale, recently sold properties and properties for rent in the area I am thinking of purchasing to compare with.



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