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  • FAQ

    • Why use an Awesome Mortgage Broker

      The team at Awesome is filled with former credit managers and lending experts who have literally been on the other side of the table. What that means for you is that we know how to present your loan to make sure that it gets approved!

      If your situation is unusual then most bank managers and mortgage brokers will not have the knowledge, experience and contacts to get your loan approved. We know exactly which lenders can help and how to present your loan application!


    • Do you hold a credit Licence?

      No, we do not directly hold a credit licence. Our Staff work as Credit Representative under AFG one of the largest mortgage aggregators in the country. We have chosen this structure as is keeps our compliance auditing external to the company, ensuring the best quality service to you.

    • Do you Charge any Fees

      We do not charge any fees for services associated with Awesome Lending Solutions. This includes the Insurance, Property and suburb reports and Veda Credit Checks performed on your behalf.

      With the service provided by our partners in Property Tax Accounting, Wealth Planning, Asset Protection and Property Buying Service we ensure you are always provided with a clear written quote before any expenses are incurred.


    • How can we be sure you will recommend the right loan for us?

      Firstly we will ask you to complete our Fact Find where we will collect information from you about your needs and requirements.
      Secondly, we will provide you with our Awesome Lending Strategy, where we will provide a choice of 2~3 lenders and then make a recommendation clearly outlining the reasons for our choice.

    • Do you choose particular lenders because they pay higher commissions?

      The amount of lender commission paid on a particular loan makes no difference to our decision on which lender to recommend

      Our business is built on referrals and as a result, we are keen to offer you the best rate and loan possible so that you will be happy with the loan offered and refer your family and friends. Of course, we are also always happy to disclose all lenders commission rates to you at any time.


    • We don't live in Sydney, can you still help us?

      Our mortgage brokers help people all across Australia. We have approved loans for customers in every state and territory, from small regional centres to large inner city suburbs. We can even help people overseas who want to invest in Australia!

      In the past, we had mortgage brokers in other states but since the majority of lenders have their credit departments in Sydney they could not build relationships with the decision makers inside the banks and, therefore, could not get as many loans approved.

      We decided it was better to have one main office with highly trained staff than multiple offices that could not get results for our clients. 

  • FAQ -First Time Buyers

    • How Much Deposit Do I Need

      At Least 5%

    • Can I get a Grant to Help[ Me

      Each State