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Albertus Pty Ltd Trades as Awesome Lending Solutions & Awesome Home Loans & Awesome Commercial Lending

Dispute Resolution – Compliments & Complaints

What happens if you are not happy with our services?

We will always work hard to build a strong and lasting relationship with you. By listening to your feedback, we can improve the way we do business. We appreciate any and all feedback.

We know there are times when you may wish to compliment us on something we have done but there maybe other times when you may wish to tell us we have not met your expectations.

If, for any reason, you do not feel that you have received the highest standard of care from us or anyone we may have referred you to, we encourage you in the first instance to share this with us. We have developed a process that we believe makes it easy for you to tell us of your concerns and for them to be assessed quickly and fairly.

For a specific complaint where you would like a formal response please feel free to contact us by whichever of the following best suits you:

By Email:

By Post:
Attention: Complaints
Albertus Pty Ltd
PO Box 478
Gordon NSW 2072

Following receipt of a complaint, the details of the compliant shall be investigated and a full response and suggested resolution provided within 21 days from receipt of the initial complaint.

In the event you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Albertus Pty Ltd internal complaint handling process or the suggested resolution you may contact the Credit Ombudsman Services Limited (COSL) which is an entirely independent organisation and provides specialist assistance to consumers who are unhappy with credit services which they have been provided with by mortgage brokers. COSL is an external dispute resolution scheme of which Albertus Pty Ltd & Awesome Lending Solutions & Awesome Home Loans are members. COSL endeavours to provide a resolution to complaints within 14 days, however in some cases this may extend to 21 days. To contact COSL with a view of making a complaint you should either contact them on 1800 138 422 or visit their website – for further information.