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  • Find the right loan

    We will find the right mortgage for you

    We work for you and not the Banks & Lenders. We get to know you personally to understand your unique circumstances. From our experience we present the lenders who have the products that will meet your needs. We then negotiate for what’s right for you, not what’s right for the lenders.

    How to get the best rate home loan

    Helping you get the best rates on your all loans

    We compare over 30 lenders to find you a great home loan deal and then negotiate with the lender for you to get you the most competitive rate. It is all part of the expert advice we provide all at no cost to you.

    Help to get a home loan

    Support throughout the entire mortgage process

    First Time buyer - we take you through the process step by step. Looking to Invest - we provide the support and a property acquisition plan to help you get from one property to ten.

  • We will find the right mortgage for you

    At Awesome Lending, we specialise in assisting property investors by structuring loans with safety, flexibility and control to grow your property portfolio faster. With access to loans from more than 40 lenders you can rest assured we will find the loan that suits your needs. These tailored solutions are part of the reason we know we have been able to save clients thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.

    With the experience of over 12 years and more than a 1,000 loans written our team can take the stress out of the whole process by project managing your application and show you how to invest in property or grow your current portfolio.

    Whether it's home loans, investor loans, SMSF loans or any of you lending or property needs we look forward to welcoming you as a new client.

    Every Awesome Lending team member holds a minimum of a Certificate 4 in Mortgage Broking and our Mortgage Brokers all hold a Diploma of Mortgage Lending and is are accredited mortgage consultant.

    Awesome Lending is proud to be a full member of the industry’s leading governing body, the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) as well as a member of the disputes resolution COSL (Credit Ombudsman Service)

    Awesome Lending has fully documented procedures to ensure consistency of service each and every time. And we are happy to share with you a copy along with your Lending Strategy. We believe that these procedures and process help us ensure that each client receives an unparalleled customer service experience – not just a loan.


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